Legal Regulations

Legal Regulations

Who is the real estate appraiser?

Real estate appraiser is a person having professional qualifications in the field of property valuation that empower him to determine the value of the property, as well as machinery and equipment permanently associated with them.


The Act of Real Estate Management

The institution of the real estate appraiser is governed by the Act of Real Estate Management. It includes provisions stating who and how might become an appraiser, what actions they are  allowed to take, what their  rights and obligations are. In order to become an expert the candidate has to overcome a very long and arduous path. Getting qualifications requires obtaining interdisciplinary knowledge – eg in the fields of law, economics, surveying, construction, land management, water management, agriculture or forestry. The role of the real estate appraiser is to determine the value of the property. Professional activities in the field of real estate appraisal without appropriate permission is punishable.

In accordance with the Act of Real Estate Management, the appraiser chooses the right approach and the methods and techniques for estimating the real estate value, taking into account the purpose of the valuation, type and location of the property, its designated function in the local plan, the level of equipment in technical infrastructure, the state of the development and data on prices, income and features of similar real estates.


Regulation on the real estate appraisal and the preparation of the appraisal report

For a layman, information included therein often sounds enigmatically. For the expert – it is a kind of collection of the commandments. It contains many guidelines on how to determine the value using different approaches, methods and valuation techniques, how to proceed in the case of valuations prepared for different purposes, in what form should an appraisal report be prepared.


Polish Professional Valuation Standards

They provide a set of principles, technical guidelines, which determine the proper course of actions for the appraisers. The standards are mandatory rules of conduct for the members of associations forming the Polish Federation of Valuers’ Associations,. More information about PFVA can be found here. (Link to

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